Welcome / Namaste

Welcome / Namaste

Thank you for your interest in our association. On this website you will find some basic information about our association. You are welcome to contact us directly. We are looking forward to meeting you.

The purpose of our association is the promotion of charitable purposes in Nepal as well as the promotion of development cooperation in Nepal with a focus on education and the promotion of youth welfare. In cooperation with the charitable organization “Boris Hess Foundation” in Bhaktapur or other charitable organizations in Nepal, especially underprivileged children shall be provided with free education, shelter, food and adequate health care.

What you can make possible…
Through your annual membership fee as a member of the association, a one-time donation (directly to our account at Berliner Sparkasse IBAN: DE75 1005 0000 0190 3473 33, SWIFT/BIC: BELADEBEXXX) or by taking over a sponsorship – all 3 models are tax-deductible – you enable

  • boys and girls in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal to attend school in a regulated and qualified manner,
  • the establishment of a learning café with supervision by socially committed teachers and for “playful” learning in Bhaktapur
  • the assumption of the costs for school clothing and school materials such as books and exercise books
  • targeted support for young people making the transition to working life, and
  • the support of special projects in social institutions (e.g. homes for the disabled).

We also accept donations via PayPal: