Long-term cooperation with the government school SHREE BARADAYANI LOWER SECONDARY SCHOOL, BHAKTAPUR

A few weeks ago we signed an agreement with the Shree Baradayani Lower Secondary School in Bhaktapur, which provided for the financing of further school facilities as well as financial support for the daily warm midday meals, which are really vital for some of the children.

The school had been largely destroyed after the earthquake and has been rebuilt in recent years. In the last school year, classes or care for the children in the kindergarten started again in this building. The school is expected to grow again in the further course.

The furniture is delivered… 
… and the children visibly feel comfortable   
with the new furnishings… 

Especially at state schools, the need for a warm mid-day meal is very high – as this is often the only warm meal for the children. We also know that children need to be fit and healthy to learn well and that better health enables better performance at school. We can’t help everyone with that – but we are contributing to the whole with this initiative at this school as well.

 The first meal we supported at the school was well received by the children …


Today we celebrate together with many sound enthusiasts and Nepal supporters the 80th birthday of Peter Hess, the co-founder and honorary member of our association. We sincerely congratulate him on this special day and are happy to be able to join in the celebration.

Peter expressed in his Facebook post on July 12: “And one more thing, I would be very happy to receive a very special gift. Namely a donation for the association ‘CHANCEN – Bildung in Nepal e.V.'” Thank you, dear Peter, for this generous birthday present. We will use this donation mainly for our food projects for the children in Nepal or also for further activities in the context of the Corona Emergency Aid Nepal, for which we have been collecting specifically since May.

You are welcome to transfer your donation directly to our account at Sparkasse Berlin,

IBAN: DE75 1005 0000 0190 3473 33, SWIFT/BIC-Code: BELADEBEXXX with the reference “Birthday Peter Hess”.

It is even easier to do it directly here via Paypal!

And if you want to join the GLOBAL SOUND WAVE on the occasion of the birthday, you can do so here (https://www.fachverband-klang.de/aktuelles-zur-klangmassage/484-klang-weltreise-am-30-juli-2021-save-the-date.html).

Let’s celebrate together!!!


Special project in cooperation with “Food for Life Nepal” – “AN INITIATIVE TO FIGHT HUNGER TOGETHER”

 Covid-19 has upended societies and dramatically altered everyday life across the globe – so in Nepal too. The pandemic has made hunger and malnutrition more immediate, more urgent, and more threatening. The pandemic has changed how we see hunger today. As businesses shut down, job losses mounted, supply chains shattered, and schools that provided vital mid-day meal programs closed access to food and nutrition radically interrupted, and in many cases severely limited, the need of hour is hope.      

The affected region 


One example is a small community of 18 families, 72 individuals including children, single women, senior citizen, women and men are at risk of starvation and malnutrition in Dulal Gaun, Shreenagar, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. The COVID crisis has greatly exacerbated the situation for those already suffering from poverty. While the COVID crisis has worsened their status, the ongoing monsoon has tagged situational crisis to them. With their limited dry food rations, it has been extremely difficult and challenging for them to prepare meals as they have no proper access to gas supply nor firewood. So, their need of the hour is cooked meals.

 The preparation of food in the commercial kitchen …

 As one of the expertise in food services, Food for Life Nepal has come up with a support food relief campaign for the community. The team has planned a nutritional menu for a week starting from 28th June 2021 to 12th of July 2021 so the people in dire need continue to receive healthy food and nutrition needed in these times of hardship. The food menu is 100% vegetarian.   

 The food daily arrives – no matter what the weather is – and it is gladly received

 We decided to finance this specific program for this period of time with funds from our special fundraising campaign. Thank you to all the donors who have made this possible and have triggered much happiness to this village in Nepal.

… and it tastes old and young … 


The lockdown is followed by hunger

While the lockdown in some areas in Nepal can be partly released, hunger remains the big challenge in many families due to the lack of employment.

After many discussions with our partners in Nepal we decided together to start a special aid project for 2 groups of people we have been supporting for a long time through activities of our association. In cooperation with the Boris Hess Foundation and committed parents we organized food for families of the students of the Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School Duwakot:

A classroom briefly became a warehouse … 
… and over 100 families came to the school to be supported. 

All families whose children go to the government school in Duwakot received a big bag of rice, a bag of lentils, oil and salt to prepare food for the next weeks.

In another action we also supplied more than 20 families of our altogether 43 sponsored children. They received the same food as the families in Duwakot and could pick it up in the learning café of the Boris Hess Foundation. They also received medical masks and sanitizer.

During the collection from the learning café …

This way, at least the biggest problems could be solved for a short time.

In the meantime, the new school year starts – again partly only with distance learning or online classes. As we could learn, most of the sponsored children are still able to be taught in some form. In some cases, the children also use the learning café for their online lessons.

We will continue to follow the development and provide in coordination with our friends of the Boris Hess Foundation, local and targeted support again and again. Of course, we will also continue to prioritize the regular activities (supervision of the sponsorships, caring of the children in the learning café, further infrastructure and school food projects).