Call for donations for “Corona Emergency Aid Nepal”

Dear friends and supporters of Nepal,

The Covid-19 pandemic is coming back with full speed in Nepal. In our calls with our Nepalese partners and friends we learn that the number of Covid-19 patients is currently exploding – as in India – and many people have already lost their life in the last few days.

The health system is close to collapse due to the high number of critically ill people. The hospitals and intensive care units are overcrowded and there is a lack of necessary health materials and equipment. Many patients seeking life-saving medical care are turned back.

That’s why the people in Nepal urgently need your immediate assistance.

In cooperation with our partner association „Boris Hess Foundation Nepal, Bhaktapur“ we want to support on site and provide fast, uncomplicated assistance. The children sponsored by members of our association and their families also need this courtesy and support in these difficult times.

We have learned that the Bhaktapur municipal hospital is setting up additional isolation center in which the sick can be accommodated and given medical treatment. Some mobile medical devices (X-ray machines, oxygen devices, etc.) are required for this. We will support financially to purchase the required equipment in Nepal so that this can happen very quickly. We rely on our proven cooperation and the approach of organizing the necessary aids and supplies directly on site.

Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, which have persisted for more than a year now, many people are facing more and more difficulties (most of the population in Nepal is dependent on the almost completely collapsed tourism sector). This increasing difficult situation also weakens people’s immune systems. Even after the second Covid-19 wave has subsided one day, a lot of support will still be necessary to stabilize the economic situation.

Now speed is what counts. That’s why we have already supported the first purchases of medical equipment. To provide even more direct assistance on site, we would like to ask for your kind donation (any amount counts!) with the remark “Donation Corona emergency aid Nepal” to our account at Sparkasse Berlin IBAN: DE75 1005 0000 0190 3473 33, BIC: BELADEBEXXX or via PayPal Link on the website. Since we are all volunteers in the association here in Germany, we can assure that any and every amount you donate will reach Nepal.

Thanks for your support. We would be happy to report about our assistance on our website and on Facebook. as a PDF-file on our website:

You can also download this “call for donations” here for printing or sharing.